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Week 9

Group workshop yaaaay!! Amy was the person who ran it and it came out great! It was so much fun, our job was to bring a random object – it could be whatever and put it in front of us. Then Amy gave us some paper, paint and brushes and explained the process. We were given various time periods for painting the object that we brought. It started with 10 seconds, then 20s, 40s, 1min, 2min, 4min, 8min , 10min and 12min if I remember correctly.

It was a nice experience. Firstly, it helped me to focus more on the object and its shape than on the whole thing. I also noticed that when I painted something once in some way I continued to do it the same way in the next paintings. I started the same every time – light blue for the transparent part of the bottle, then normal blue for the top and after that, I painted the face. Even the brush strokes were the same, but the more time I had the more details I added. To be honest, the perfect time for me was 10 minutes – I finished the painting and I liked it the most. The 12 minutes one is overdone, I had too much time so I started adding more and more and it didn’t come out great.

I’ve got a feeling that it was a very developing and self-cognitive exercise. We had a chance to understand our working process and time management. It’s so interesting how different the paths that we took are. Everyone thinks and works in a different way – that’s an important lesson to remember.

When it comes to my personal project – I decided to make my masks more firm and harder. I wanted to use some organic glue on the inner side and I remembered that when I was a kid I used to make glue using potato starch and water. I googled it and some websites said that I should add some wheat flour to the mixture to be more sticky. I tried it and it worked perfectly. My maks are much harder and not so fragile now!

About the research part – I found some interesting artists that I can research for my proposal form. The same as last semester I’ll add their works here together with their website links!

Joël Abouzit

Debbie Thomas

Lionel Smit

Oleksandr Miroshnychenko

Paola Grizi

Melisa Cadell

Johan Thunell

I’m going to come back to them and do some research!

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