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Week 9

For the week my main focus was to practice my installation ready for our group presentation (part one of assessment 0ne). I also will be talking about the workshop for the group project and its influence on my work.


using plinths i space my work out across the room, I would like ideally to have more plinths with more objects. if this isn’t possible maybe ill try and pair items together.
Testing the room with the light, I like how it makes the room moodier and hopefully, once I have more refinement it will be really strong.


Here is a still image from my Nightlight projector on the ceiling, this can change colours but I used blue fo my demonstration as it a colour I use a lot at home, however in reflection I will more likely use a mixed colour such as pink to make my work my viewable.
I love the idea of my key memory drawings but it I am having lots of practical issues with the pieces. I use white tack to put the drawings up but it would hold them up very well, ill have to look into possibly using masking tape to put up my work. I also need to refine the images and trim the edges, the reason i haven’t done this yet is i didn’t have access to a large ruler.

Overall I feel this practice was essential as it showed the flaws in my plan ready for development and the actual installation I’ve booked out for next Friday. It is also important to note that I have been refining my playlist for the installation, in-fact today my Spotify wrapped was released ( a breakdown of my most listened to songs ect of the year) and I’m using this to influence my choices.

Our group workshop

i found the workshop to be a really lovely experience that challenged my creativity. I feel what i really got out of this project in relation to my own was the interactivity and thoughtfulness, it made me want to challenge my own project and aim for a more interactive piece.


Suddenly this overview 1981- onwards (Fischli / Weiss’s)

This series is influential to my work as it does not only explore a journey but they use Plinths to display objects of meaning.

An exhibit featured in the Tate displayed 60 sculptures made of unrefined clay which explore civilisation, our journey as people and the ordinary (such as loaves of bread.) This fascination when combined with the almost educationally structured installation makes a very powerful experience for the audience.

Colour experiments.

After looking at the blue colour I decided I wanted to look more at my options and which I feel has the best meaning as well as reflecting my identity.

Blue = imagination, sincerity, wisdom, freedom.
This is a combination of the primary colours with a white base.
Green + Red (orange ish) = joy, warmth , success, sexuality, balance, encouragement.
Red = Vigor, courage ,anger, love, passion, war.
Blue + green (turquoise)= Refreshing, balance ,spirituality, loyalty, energy.

In the end, I decided to use the red and blue combination which created a magenta (more purple) colour,

Greem = the natural world, good luck, health, envy.
Blue + red = Creativity, wisdom, peace, devotion, mystery, independence.
blue + white= the same as blue however I feel this combo was much nicer on the eyes and felt warmer.

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