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Week 9


This week Amy prepared a group workshop for us, which was lovely. We were painting chosen objects in different time frames starting from a couple of seconds and ending in 12 minutes. I loved these workshops they were quite simple yet beautiful. I felt relaxed during them, it was nice to rediscover painting and have joy while doing that. I haven’t painted in a long time so that was very refreshing. It made me go back to simple times when art wasn’t a competition and part of my education, it was just something fun to do. I feel like I needed this kind of workshop to remember that art is fun and free, I need to go back to that mindset.
It was also interesting what came out as the results of the painting. With every frame, I felt like I got a clean slate to try something different and perfect the construction, texture and colours of my painting. I also tried to use different colours and see what will it look like.


This is a week when I was planning to try different installation ideas and make everything perfect and of course this week I also got extremely ill so while installing my project, I had a fever and wasn’t sure what is going on but I made it.
So my idea to create a circle around the construction and have four projectors didn’t work out. I wish I had photos of it but I wasn’t thinking clearly while installing it because of my illness. Either way, it didn’t work as I imagined so I had to come up with a different solution. So I decided to put some fabric on the composition and also hang one piece of it from the ceiling which in a way created some kind of box or capsule that was beautifully catching the projection. I was so happy that it turned out like that because I was so close to giving up.
This projection on material creates this capsule of time, showing something that isn’t there anymore, something that disappeared and is only a memory. It created a version of faded memory, visible but untouchable, which I think is beautiful. Overall I’m really happy it turned out like this.
The video that I’m using, I edited and reversed and looped and the result is great it’s like this video never ends, going again and again through this cycle of life.

Now I can finally breathe knowing this looks good and it’s easy to install, I just need to finish my proposal form.

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