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During this weeks workshop we carried out Dee’s Climate Change Workshop which I realy enjoyed and it really made me rethink my own artistic practice and everyday contribution to Climate Change, as well as what my art can do to raise awarness about the situation.


During this week I have worked on finishing up my project and writing my Proposal Form for the Takeover. What was left of my film editing was mostly little tweaks related to sound and script, as well as adding the credits and the music. I had a call with the person in charge of the music towards the end of easter to give him feedback about what he had sent me so far and explain to him better what I wanted him to capture with the music. I was happy after our meeting as I got the sense that he understood deeper what the movie was about and that we had come up with some good ideas together, not only thinking about constant music but thinking also of silences and diverse noises. He sent me the music very close to the deadline when I had to hand in the proposal form so I haven’t had much of a chance to play around with it and change some points of it that I don’t think really fit the film. I am still happy to get the experience of being a director and learning of everything that comes with it: deadlines, time constraints, teamwork, and dealing with different artistic visions and opinions,…

I am still hoping to change some things of the music before showcasing the film at the Art Centre’s Cinema. This is the music at the moment:

On the other hand, I have also been working on my Proposal form, which I have actually quite enjoyed as it has given me the space to dig into the artist’s research and look deeper into what the metaphor of the nut has become to me after the journey of producing this movie, moving away from thinking of the nut as a representation of humans views to life to the way in which we as humans interact with our non-human surroundings. Looking into more environmental artists has really inspired me and it is a direction which I definitely want to continue in the future. This was the final document that I handed in:

And this is the final movie at this stage:

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