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Week 9 –


Today Amy held what was originally meant to be my workshop and she delivered her idea brilliantly. I never paint and the way her timings for different paintings worked was really clever, I then came up with a painting I was actually quite proud of and found it really cute. Everyone else’s paintings seemed to be linked but not at the same time, provablt because of the timings and caster paint. Really relaxing few hours! I’m really glad Amy held her workshop instead of mine. I brought in my Panda to paint!

Now is the time to get things done. Finish the crystals, soundtrack and the last drawings. This will all be possible by the end of this week. I have had so many other things to do past few weeks and it’s all come full circle to now.


More drawings today – taking a different approach. Going on photographs I have taken before, for instance I turned my lonely stump 35mm print from last semester into a view within the sketchbook:

More detail and refinement will be added to this one, this could be my favourite.

Snippet from proposal form (finished)


When it came to producing documentation of the completed project in an exhibited format, I struggled due to not being able to transport everything on certain days. This is due to how big the crystals are, this isn’t a problem for the takeover as I have arranged it. So for the proposal form I did a conceptual video and photograph of the lights and crystals to simulate the exhibition in some way. I also have drawn graphs today for diagrams:

Crude, but I wish I kept my iPad from last year…

I have been so busy recently, today I will be finishing the crystals. Photographing everything I have produced/scanning in then submitting the proposal form by tomorrow.


Over the semester I have been adding more detail to my drawings to make them look more styled so they fall within more of a set of drawings that work together, in the sketchbook. I have scanned all these in digitally in case something happens to the book at the Takeover (hopefully not). The drawings are in the order of the book, so what the traveller has seen so far on his journey. More drawings will be added before submitting the proposal form (Sunday).

Below are my drawings so far:

I am really really happy with how these look as a set. Seeing them all together like this paints an incredible picture to me. I have never gotten into pure illustration before properly and I have surprised myself. I am overwhelmed. University has been one of the best decisions of my life.

Today we also had our group crit. Was extremely helpful in targeting what we need to do to present our projects properly including recognition of blind spots. I came away with new ideas for the project and will try them out on the day of the takeover sudh as a portal, ripping out pages from the book or placing the book inside the tent. Making it mode like a moment in time then on a pedestal.


Preview of the narration in full.

Balancing and Volume isn’t final. Will be complete for the takeover day.

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