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Week 9

Student Led Workshop

Worry Dolls

This type of creating was new and similar to me.

The workshop was structured and had great fun doing it – Learnt how to sow

My highlight of this workshop was when a group of us had gone out stuffing hunting in bins, classes closed rooms and more. We found rolls and rolls of card and discarded crushed paper

Looking forward to the burning of these dolls, it will be a wholesome therapeutic experience

Rational of my personal project

I decided I will open my boxes up to get a clearer picture of what’s on the inside and create my structure with the boxes

I took the phrase think outside the box a little too seriously

The project is an autobiographical, confessional installation. The written aspect of this project has enabled me to express my true vulnerable side. The installation is a physical representation of the state of my mind. I was drawn to cardboard boxes as they are ordinary objects, part of our everyday life. One cannot guess what’s inside just by looking at the exteriors, a trait that I found relatable. This is an ongoing project from ‘home’ to now ‘the everyday’ on the road to self-love and acceptance. The project has developed from expressing burst of emotions to cataloguing and understanding the day to day build up.


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