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Week 9


During this week I was finishing my project. The most important thing for me was to create the installation that would tie all of concert and ideas together. And that would show my vision and work that I put into this project. 

The supplies that I need to create this installation are: 

  1. Ladder
  2. White thread 
  3. 6 developed photos
  4. 42 descriptions handwritten by me on tissue paper 
  5. Projector 
  6. Film of 6 chosen photos 

Here are two different ideas and outcomes that I was contemplating between . 

The first one is the narratives and photos hanging from the ceiling. 

The second one is the same but intend of light, I projected the film on the installation. 

I liked how both of them turned out but I think the more spectacular one was the one with the projection. It might not be seen so clearly in the photos but in real life it was amazing. It was like going to a different reality. And I’m really happy it turned out like this. I was trying to create a space when I’m inviting the viewer to my creative headspace. To the place where my thought and images are floating in the air and the viewer can stop and read them. Think about the photos that are there. Why did I choose this one? Where are the rest of the photos? I like that there are descriptions of all of the photos yet you can see only the chosen ones, the rest of them is somewhere in the imagination. you can read about them and see them in your head. I’m really happy with how all of it turned out and how it ties down all of the concepts that I was discovering this semester. I’m also very happy that this semester I can see clearly my process of development and how step by step it led me to this moment.

The Arts Centre

This week I also took a trip to the Arts Centre to get inspired and think about the hypothetical exhibition and where do I want my work to be displayed.
With the ideal space, I think the best place for me would be dance studio 2. It’s possible block out any natural light which is important for my project and I also think the mirrors in there would add another layer to my work.

I was thinking about what I want my hypothetical exhibition to be and I decided that I really like the idea of having an exhibition that is focused on photographic installations. I feel like photography is an interesting subject but it mostly shows the reality and captures the moment. Installation adds another layer, another narrative to the photographic work. It creates a new reality and invites the audience to enter that space. So with this topic for an exhibition here are the artist that I chose to exhibit with.

Christain Boltanski – Moved

John Brill – Every Boy’s Dream

Annette Messager – My vows

Deborah Luster – One Big Self: Prisoners of Louisiana


This week we also had our last workshop, created by Mike. I think the workshop was great. We all created our characters from clay and there we were making a short film by moving them slightly. I think it turned out very nicely, everybody had fun and the outcome was great. Of course, at the end of the film, there was complete chaos but it was part of the experience. I’m quite surprised by how short the actual film is and it made me very impressed with how much filming time this kind of film needs.

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