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Week 9

This week’s class was Mike’s workshop- creating an animated clay village. 
The first step in the process was creating the clay village. Mike asked us to make at least one clay being to inhabit the village and I think most people created more creatures, items and even buildings! I always forget how relaxing and meditative molding clay is. Letting your mind float and going with whatever your hands make. 
The second part of the workshop was positioning our beings and getting ready to film. This was a lot of fun as from the very beginning we started to have some casualties- mostly limb related. 
During those 20seconds of animation we had relationships happen, families afraid for their lives, murder, animal attacks and chases and buildings fall apart… it was a busy day in the village. 


For my project I have finally manage to set up the live stream on Sunday.

1 thought on “Week 9”

  1. a lovely short description of Mike’s workshop. Excellent that you finally got the live stream set up, and it is a curious experience to enter into this space with you, i find the potential of it very exciting, I wish you had included reflection on the set up, the experience and the result for us in this notebook post, so an awareness of audience can be worked on – what information do we need to better access this work? can you give indicators as to how long to watch, which bits to watch etc. because it’s a big investment to watch more than 10 minutes, for anyone, so your guidance would be necessary. Good to see this project off the ground now..albeit a little late, lets hope you carry on developing it next semester..

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