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Week 9/10 and the TAKEOVER

This blog post will be discussing week 9 and the events of the takeover.

Week nine

For this week I spent the time working on the finishing touches, I wanted the experience to be more immersive and after my work last semester I decided to use sound to do this. I chose birds sounds as it gave a breath of life into my paper bird sculptures but also I felt the aspect of nature made the paired with the ceramics to be very interesting as it created a calming harmony between material and sound.

I then spoke with Louise Chennell who gave me permission to interact directly with Zoe Reece’s work. Because of this I had more creative freedom and was able to use my original plans.

The Takeover.


In reflection my project was successful, I had positive feedback from the public many enjoyed the bird sounds and found it very atmospheric. Many agreed that my birds responded nicely to the situation and Zoe Preeces work.

I also took a tour of school children around the takeover, a child drew a bird in response to my work. This may not seem significant but it’s important to consider the impact of my work on the public.

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