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Week 8 – What’s Next?


After my tutorial, I realised more that my WordPress notebook isn’t as full and detailed as my last semester’s notebook, I actually brought this up myself (it may not have even come up) as I reflected this in my chat with Miranda that it was more difficult to have a full diary since all I have been properly doing this semester is photography and designing. So for the next few weeks I’m going to try and write more and reflect on the project overall and if or where I could have done more etc. This will the help in next semester to have more research and input from texts when it comes to the notebook. I don’t personally think there is anything wrong with my notebook, it’s more just how much is actually in it content wise.

The next stage of the process is honestly just seeing how the book turns out in week 9 print wise, before confirming the print with WIXAM I checked thoroughly for errors and looks to be perfect to be honest, sadly I couldn’t figure out a spine but in all honesty considering its a first time publication wise and getting it printed on time I haven’t got any problem with it. Miranda also expressed that even if there are any small errors within the print, there wouldn’t be any repercussions which is really appreciated it.

There are other projects I can help with, and I can do some reviews/research over the next few weeks to make use of the spare time. This will strengthen the proposal form and the overall outcome of the first semester of year 2.


Unfortunately today I was unable to attend todays class due to a viral infection, I’m guessing it was from working all day on another module with a cold yesterday, it also meant I missed vital darkroom time and helping Sarah with her project today too… its a real shame as today was going to have a lot of output in terms of work and essentially completing my photography module.

Same reason for why I had to attend my tutorial on teams on Monday. But my powerpoint slides from the other day are here:


Never rely on adobe for spell checking success…I just reviewed the copy I sent to wixam just for curiosity and building excitement and there is two spelling mistakes in my opening statement 🙁

This is extremely frustrating as I had checked multiple times for spelling mistakes and grammar. The best advise I’d give anyone is to write their statements in word then copy and paste into their projects in illustrator or in design etc.

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  1. A reflected post today, fantastic you have some breathing space to focus on the Proposal Form and the Hypothetical Takeover Exhibition which can be as ambitious as you want to make it, it can involve workshops, discussions etc, a really good opportunity to connect your project with other artists who you admire and want your work to dialogue with, so look far and wide for projects you think contextualise your own in interesting and surprising ways, the more subtle and intriguing the connections the more your hypothetical audience has to work and the more they will enjoy it. So this is a good time to think about the concepts and theories that underpin your project – what is it that you have been exploring in the project? once you have established this you can expand the concept by introducing artists who also explore these ideas. Good work Mike and good reflection.

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