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Week 8- Starting the recording

During this week I presented to the group a project related to the word Attachment in order to shine some light on the subject and take Paulina’s workshop further. The project I chose was the short film “The fish and I” by Babak Habibifar.

Through this film about the importance of others’ lives and our empathy and compassion for those, I inspected the word attachment from a positive overlook, looking at the attachment to those we love and caring about things, and relating it to the current situation in Ukraine.

Overall I really enjoyed this week’s workshop. It was a small group but it was a really nurturing debate and sharing of ideas. All the projects kind of completed each other and made each other’s artist research more relevant to next week’s workshop.

On the other hand, on my personal project, I finally got the camera I needed to start recording. I notified Miranda about my problems getting one from the film department and she quickly send an email to Phil asking people to return cameras to the creative arts studio. This has made me realize that in the future I shouldn’t try to complicate myself and go directly to Miranda or Phil because everything else just makes you lose valuable time for your project.

When I was able to get the camera from Richard I spend the afternoon recording Abidish, my first subject of the documentary. During this first recording session, I learned lots of things about the camera and was also told by Abidish to work on my communication skills when recording the documentary, to maintain a fluid dialog where the person in front of the camera feels comfortable, and knows what to do. I took this criticism really seriously and I believe it has helped me a lot as I’ve moved along.

These are some takes from Abidish:

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