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power point based on the word “language”

For this weeks workshop we were each given a word and we then had to research and create a presentation on the word we were allocated. Once the class had began and I watched other peoples power points I realised that I had miss understood the brief to a degree, however with the information gathered from others power points I began understanding where I went wrong with the work and what I needed to add onto my presentation.

Notes on other individuals power points/presentations

Language ( focusing on dyslexia ) – I felt this power point came across very well, the layout was easy to understand and I enjoyed the different approach that this student took to the brief. Looking at dyslexia is a brilliant idea in my opinion because I feel it is not taught or talked about enough with regards to higher educational learning.

Body painting – I actually loved the idea of body painting, I felt that this presentation was very informative and contained a lot of facts that I did not know as well as a thorough artist research. Personally after seeing this presentation I would like to explore the idea of body painting further in my work.

Nonsense – Being given a word like this I struggled to think of how it can be presented to the class, however after seeing Tim’s power point and presentation I feel he took the word and brief very well and came up with something that I would never have thought of, his power point was fun and unique.

Metamorphism – At first I did not know what this word meant, I had never heard it being used therefore I did not know what to expect. But with the show that was put on by the individual, it gave me a clear example on what the theme of the word was. Rather than a presentation we were shown videos and shown a theatrical performance in order to get into the correct head space of what metamorphism is and I do feel that this was achieved well.

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