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Week 8: new beginnings?

sadly like last week my migraines have continued inn to this week making everything around uni work difficult. this meant i couldn’t attend this weeks class either.

The TAKEOVER meeting:

during the takeover meeting we talked about what each group had done for their part. i am in the Design team with Pola and Matthew and we showed some of our ideas and designs for the logo and posters, but ultimately ended up saying we would come up with three final works that the group will vote on in the next meeting. this was a good insight to how planning an exhibition can be as i got to see how each group was planning the exhibition. i really enjoyed hearing everyones ideas and looking at previous exhibition logos and advertising such as the wafer-paper logos for cupcakes.

after the meeting i had a nice chat with Mike about his project and he even recommended a audio editing tool called GarageBand for Macbook that is free to use! i will be trying this out during the holidays and see what i feel about it.


luckily i managed to get to the tutorial with Tim! it was a great talk as i felt more confident in my project. after two weeks of being stressed it was nice to have a casual conversation about my project and how i am doing in general. i was extremely worried that i hadn’t managed to attend and finish the presentations for the last two weeks, but he assured me that its ok and that its more important to attend and contribute to the discussions then having a finished presentation as they aren’t graded. this was really nice to hear as it calmed me down quite a bit.

He also showed me a sound art piece by Alvin Lucier that i found interesting:

we also talked about how the project was developing as i havent been very good at posting on here recently. i told him about the location of the work which will be in one of the rehearsal studios, and that i want to place some QR codes next to some of the staff at The Art Centre for people to listen to it outside of the installation itself. i said i want to use 4-8 speakers with 2-4 audio files that play on a loop, but i have to see how the speaker set up etc. is going to be.

he told me to borrow as much equipment as i can before the uni closes for the holidays, but due to my project i couldt really carry 8 speakers home with me, but i told him i had borrowed iPods from the uni. i asked Phil later if there were more of these iPods as i had only borrowed two of them. Phil said the uni only has two, which means that i may have to limit my project to two audio files, which is fine as it makes the workload less hectic during the holidays.

personal project developement:

this was another week of less practical work due to my other assignments, but now that they are done i will be working on this project a lot during the holidays. i will attempt to calm down a little the first week of the holidays as i have been in a very strange mental state during this whole semester, having a project like this one (very negative self talk) as well as an overwhelming amount of other assignments. i will take the first week to relax, maybe think of how my project will build and work on catching up on sleep.

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