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Week 8 – Navigating Results / Faith

This week will helm some of the final shots of the journey, plotting out on the ordnance survey map I have found the direct route from the waterfalls to the harbour in Aberystwyth. Tomorrow I will be gather key shots from this river route then inserting them into the film.

A definite trial and error case as I should of plotted this on the survey map originally but due to being unwell for weeks now It’s just been a disorientating and unmotivated time (sadly) but now things are going to be rolling smoothly in the next few weeks. Once these shots are gathered, the music and potential voice over will be properly conceived.

Below shows the map findings, from the right of the map when the line starts is where the video begins.

Blue line shows route
River route continued
Start of route – Waterfalls


Footage from today has proven useful and will pad out dialogue and be useful for the introduction too.

Introduction to the film is now done, spanning just under 1 minute with written score to accompany it. Really happy with the result of the opening and it’s definitely a strong opening to the core of the film. The footage

Screen-grab of introduction
Screen-grab of introductory music

This week has been fantastic in terms of development, getting used to using DaVinci Resolve has been a blast and learning my own process when it comes to making film has been very interesting. Especially when I have never attempted this process before.


This week we were tasked with a word from the last workshop based on the chosen project, my word and theme was faith so I decided to choose the artist Steven Speilberg and the film ‘Schindlers List’. this film incorporates a huge emphasis on Faith.

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