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Week 8 – It’s better to bend then break

Monday 21st, November – Sunday 27th, November


This week I presented my research and experiences around the word RITUAL. Week seven was already difficult with facing equipment shortage (lights and backdrop) and time limitation for different facilities to practise and record in the university. In week eight the experience became lot harder because while I was preparing for this week presentation my computer broke down and I end up with very little material to share in the class.

Documentation of the class and feedback

I contributed the basic understanding of the word RITUAL and how to approach and be part of a it in a respectful way by drawing comparison through showing videos and practising an activity in the class together.

I talked about my personal experiences connected to performing rituals with my biological family when I was in Pakistan.

After the class and during the rest of the week I was reliving those past moments in time. My mind was travelling back and catching up with those memories of enjoying meditation and performing rituals. I was also drawing comparison in my head, where I was and where I am now.

Personal project

This week there was a very little progress towards my personal project. I was struggling to find spaces in the university to record my performance since everything is booked or not suitable (dark enough) for my project. I extended my lights booking to give myself more time and flexibility so I’m hoping to find a darkroom before the deadline where I can record my shadows performance.

1 thought on “Week 8 – It’s better to bend then break”

  1. Not so much to see this week, I am sorry to see you are having trouble finding spaces, I hope you saw my email about the Lighting Studio 207, this could work for you. I also hope you know that CA has 3 studio lights, the equipment list is on the door of the equipment cupboard and on BB. I was wondering what the ‘ritual’ was that you were doing in the presentation? I always think of a ritual as an ‘act of doing something’, it seemed you were doing ‘nothing’ and so I am really interested in hearing more about this? it was a very special event that you created in the space and within the group, moving and poignant, especially so because of your impending change of status in the UK. I do hope this week has gone well and you have managed to do the performance.

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