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week 8: finishing steps and another breakdown:

for this weeks class we presented the research presentation for class. i loved that we got some feedback as this wasn’t a graded presentation, but due to my anxiety i forgot to mention some information i had written down in my notes.

some of the feedback i got was that i need to be more comfortable presenting, but that it was an overall good presentation. a lot of people said it was well designed and entertaining, but i also got some feedback saying i need less writing on the powerpoint and a little less repetitive.

as for the others presentations i really enjoyed Abidished and Dees presentations as they felt really personal. Abidish using a song with Urdu and Dee having her animations really made an inpact on how i want to present going forward. maybe try to do something unexpected? more personal maybe?

Personal project development:

for this week i wanted to finish installing the project and test the sound/record. as i was behind on the development of the presentation, i sadly didnt get much of the installing done, but i got some preparations done for the following Monday where i managed to hang everything up (coming in post for week 9). mostly i got some new lighting placed, further developed the final audio and got to hang up some of the objects from the ceiling.

i also had a quirky idea of placing a bin in the middle of the room for the visitors to jump into if they want to immerse themself even more with the objects. i mainly got this idea from last weeks post where i jumped in to a bin to represent my current state of being.

i had decided to use a clean napkin i found at the creative arts studio to create my own red light. i had tested red light bulbs from the photography rooms, but they seemed to be too dark, so i ended up using the napkin around the desk lamp i had previously used. as you can see i did make several holes in the napkin as the light became too dark with just the napkin around, but somehow after i had created all the holes, the light stayed red with a slightly brighter outcome.

i have somehow managed to get through this semester with a mental state on a constant downwards spiral. just two one more week before submission and i honestly feel myself getting to the breaking point. so i am sorry for the lack of content these last few weeks. i am working as hard as i can with the energy i can muster.

my main goal is just to not let this project down and so far i feel like i am falling behind on the audio. i will be working on it during week 9 and the weekend before submission to hopefully finish it in time. i will also get some of my research inn to next weeks post as i have fully forgotten to include any of it in my previous posts.

as for some reflection i am really happy with where this project has taken me. its been a nice and relaxing project to work on even with the amount of work it has been. if i had one or two more weeks i think this project would be reaching new highs, but as i only have a week left, the project will end on a decent high. as for not the only thing is to work on audio development (something that is taking way longer then i had ever expected), but its been good to see how this project has gone from recording everyday sounds to create the sounds in my head during an anxiety attack to relating to binned objects and recording their voices. i think stepping back and making a project i relate to, rather then a project directly about my experience of anxiety was a little less triggering and maybe even more interesting?

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  1. I am so sorry that you have really suffered while developing this project, but despite the pressure you are able to say you enjoyed it and are proud of it! You have really pushed yourself and it will be pay off, you have experience in the bag now, you will be able to build on your experience, experience is confidence, confidence is experience. Next semester you will understand time and your capabilities. This semester has been a steep learning curve, you have shown yourself to be a determined and tenacious student/young artist, you stretched yourself and took an idea to its furthest point in the time, once you are resting you can reflect and you should feel very proud. You did leave the Project Room in a terrible mess though so for that you gain no brownie points!!! next time build in clearing up to the schedule! 🙂 well done Saad, you did it!

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