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Week 8

Research presentation related to the workshop

During this week of workshops, all of us had to do individual research related to the workshop that we will be having next week. The word that I was supposed to research was “illogical”. I like this theme because art in its form is illogical. The first thoughts that came into my head were abstraction or surrealism. In abstractionism the artist doesn’t have any rules in his art, it is something free, something without a clear form, something undefined, something unclear. In surrealism the artist takes the appropriate form and changes her shape, meaning and creates some illogical chaos. There are millions of different art pieces that fit in this category, but I was looking for something that would also work with the idea for the workshop. So I found a piece made by Glenn Ligon that fits perfectly to it, it’s a painting that collects random letters together.


During this week I chose the final 18 photos that I would like to exhibit

I have a couple of ideas for how to exhibit these photos. I will either do an installation of them hanging from the ceiling in different dimensions, I might do them as a regular photo exhibition and put focus only on photos, I might leave them only on a digital form, so they would stay in the way there are. I ordered these photos for development and next week I will try to exhibit them in different ways and then choose my favourite idea.

If I will be going with the exhibition idea, I will also like to use the maps that register my journeys around Aberystwyth. I made a digital form from one of the maps and this is something that I could put on the wall using string.

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