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Week 8

Unfortunately I came down with a really bad cold that kept me in bed and mostly sleeping through the week.

Thanks to my sister, I got some paints and paper for my project.

As I was pretty much unable to do anything this week I decided to play a little with the paints to check the colours.

Artist research

Alison Johnson

Alison’s work is driven by the desire to display atmosphere and emotion of a place. Through art she expresses  feelings that are often inexpressible through words. Her  interest in nature and non materialistic  beauty has been a constant source of passion since childhood, be it relationships between people, the struggles of life and  the ever changing but constant landscape around. Fueled  by a previous career in nursing, Alison aims to combine these emotions.

‘My landscape paintings aim to have a sense of mystery and ambiguity. Painting atmosphere and emotion play a major part too, this is derived from life experiences, memories, and music. Often my oil paintings appear quite bold & simple from a distance but on closer inspection it becomes apparent there are far more complexities to my creative ideas, a comparison which can be paralleled to life.’

Workshop 4


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