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Week 8

For this week i have been developing my key memory drawings. The technique used in these drawings are similar to my journal experiments in that these are important bits of my life (instead of on day to day) and in a similar line art style. I had lots of possible ideas which I will list out later, some are simply from memory others I have photographs of.

  • Something of my mum
  • something of my dad
  • something of my nan
  • my bedroom back home
  • my therqapy cat mogwia who i had since i was born till i was 18
  • my nans garden
  • the bath, i used to release emtion
  • My birthdays when i was younger
  • Friends
  • Darker moments which show my strugges with mental health


Ive been preparing for assessment one and have been researching my installation idea and building an image of what my dream would be. I have developed another sketch idea for the room as it’s no longer practical for me to bring in furniture etc. So instead of filling the room to recreate my bedroom, I will be featuring important objects to me in order to build a picture of who I am for the viewer. I will have a feature wall of my large drawing (dependant on how many I can complete as I am stretched for time) and I will also keep the nightlight. The use of this light will be essential to immerse the audience into my mind and space however it makes the room quite dark and hard to read in, because of this I want to make my installation more interactive encouraging viewers to use their phone torch and scavenge through my mind and work, because of this I will also have a minimal number of visitors at a time to not ruin the immersiveness. I also will be playing music from my own personal playlist to help build this picture of my memories and journey more so, to do this I will use the Bluetooth setting on my phone and play music through the nightlight as it has a speaker.

Heres an example sketch of what the room will be on monday.
This photo shows some of my drawings up in the project room. The drawing need trimming to make them more professional. Going from left to right the drawing are ; My younger self on my birthday ( I chose this to feature I happier moment in my life, when Im young and unaware of any tresses the world holds) , Myslef as a baby with my cat mogwai who served as a therapy animal up until he passed away when i was 18), A depressive episode sat in the bath ( i used to sit in the bath a lot for comfort , often around having a panic attack)…. i would like to make little labels under each piece.

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