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This week we had a workshop on SAVE THE PLANET. To start with I would like you to click on the link below and see your results.

This was my result:

Looking at these results with a group of people and their lifestyle gave a clearer image on our lifestyle and wanted to reflect further on the small thing.

We as artist, there was a common aspect of painting for all of us and hence in this session we did a workshop on how to use paint in amore efficient and eco friendly manner. We looked at what kind of chemicals are present in oil, acrylic, soft paints.. How harmful pigments can be and cause harm to not only the environment, our hearts, lungs, skin, hair and more. It made me realise reasons for my loss of hair sudden chest aches and coughs and more. Further learning about how how to store the paint and how it can still be diffused in the air and in our system made me slightly frightened and will be taking steps to protect myself and the environment

We continued the workshop by creating paint and drawing and writing. My favourite part of the workshop was splashing paint and exploring techniques and lecture with a fellow artist. Exploration of colour has always fascinated me and I am perusing this topic in another module for fine arts

A video from Dee Matthews – ‘Glo’s Workshop’


workshop and tutorial


With my project I am doing a workshop / live performance? torn between and confused reagrding timings and tours

Notes: confirm the tour timings and what and how can I fit

Material I have ready:

  • PENS
  • TAPE
  • An assured person to help me out during the project

Uncertainties – Timings? meditation ? lightings?

Will the groups have enough time to stay for a workshop or joining in during a performance a better alternative


Use of cardboard boxes from supermarket bins to use for the project? pop of colour ?

sending a poster and videos to the advertising teams

The above sections were parts I had written for the workshop crit and after the session I felt lost and everything seemed to be a sudden blurr of doubt and confusion – I do feel the chosen pictures were not good enough and gave off a different aspect of the project – The path forward seems something I was not expecting and is a bit scary, my vision of the art centre seems like a box parcelled to the wrong address I still have time and maybe some confidence left.. let the box close or open.

I do feel my capabilities within this project can be pushed a step further- I have one more day.

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