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During this week we were asked to pitch our presentations around the word we chose from the previous workshop. I decided to go with the word PROTEST and to make my presentation around the movie 3 Faces, by Jafar Panahi.

I decided to use this project as I am a big fan of Panhi’s cinematography and his resilience against censorship. I though it would be a nice idea to bring to the group when discussing protest around Climate Change diferent ways of protesting which are not necesarily the ones we first imagine. I explained the way in which Panahi has developed a cinema of the absent as a way of protesting against censorship by portraying it, as well as by transmitting a message through the use of the void.

When thinking about climate change and reducing consumption it makes sense to protest in a way that suits the context.

After doing all this research about Panahi I have gone on to research him and the rest of his films further. His cropping style has ended up really impacting my personal one and the style that I want to give to my own project. I also want to make a clear and intentional use of the frame which leaves the action or subjects half and partially exposed to the eyes of the audience and combining frame with space to create a cinema of the half-seen to ignite the audience activation and imagination.

Following films such as 3 Faces or Taxi by Jafar Panhi and Hit the road by Panah Panhi (Jafar’s son) has heavily influenced my practice and has become one of my main artist researchs of the semester.

During the weekend I also carried out the final rerecording that I wanted to do before leaving home for easter and editing the remotely. Abisish as always has been a saint and helped me out with the whole thing. We recorded all the close-ups for the first initial shot as well as rerecording the final shot of dropping the notebook on the water.

Here are some photos of the process:

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