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Week 8


A film with monumental struggles, life passing and life taken. It’s an everyday life not seen but worn down. People are regurgitating everyday, it breaks them. We are all mistreated constantly, systematically and everyday. The film illustrates these struggles and mental turmoils. Perhaps the line that sticks out is :

“We all need something,
to destract us from the
complexity and reality.
More or less to think about
where that came from?
No one wants to think about
the struggle that it takes
to become somebody
to get out of
… to get out of the …
the sea of pain that,
we all have to get out of.”

Tutorial With Miranda

We discussed many things, however the most important was about the practicalities of how to present a project which was hypothetical.

-Do I need to be present for a project ?

-Why not make something that is a fantasy ?

-Conversational artwork ?

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