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Week 8


During this week I was supposed to shoot one more topic- self-portraits but from the roll on which I was shooting this, not one photo of me turned out okay. This is a little bit sad but I didn’t have time to reshoot it and develop it again. So I decided to end the photographing part on the theme of interiors.
During this week I tried to get everything organised as much as I can. So I developed one photo from each week and I finished writing the narratives.
Now, I’m trying to think and organise everything for the installation.

I already have developed photos and narratives- but I need to think about what should I write about them. I was thinking about using either notebook paper, just ripped out and my text handwritten on them or I was also thinking about something lighter- maybe something like tissue paper? I have to get some supplies and try to figure things out. I also have to get white thread and a paper pin to hang the text up. I also want to make a simple film of the collection of developed photos. I’m not sure if I want to have projected film or not. I guess I will just go to the project room next week and try out different ideas and then decide at the end. Honestly, I think at this point that the development of the project is going quite smoothly and I’m happy that I was working on it from the beginning of the semester. I can see it all working together and I can see a clear development process.


In this week’s during workshops, we were presenting the artist and the world that is related to our next week’s workshop. The word that I had was a character. So I was researching different artists that create characters. There was a lot of animation and graphic design artist. But I like the work of Elenor Kopka. Her work is so creative so I thought it would be a nice addition to the research. Her animations are amazing and I love that she has a very specific style that she uses it in all of her work.

Proposal from- artists

I also started thinking about my hypothetical exhibition for the proposal form. I think my project is very related to the topic either of text or photography. But not in a conventional way. So I started to look at some artists’ work. I was looking for some installation artists that relate to that. Here is some artwork that I found but for now I’m not completely sure what I want to do yet.

Reconcile – David Chang 

The Indifference Back of a View – Rosa Barba

Falling – Chloe Ostmo

Installation by Joris De Schepper and Thomas De Ridder

Memory – Christian Boltanski

My vows – Annette Messager

Every Boy’s Dream – John Brill

Coming And Going, Part II – Christian Boltanski

I have a head 2 – Vittorio Corsini

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