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During this week I have continued with the filming and editing, trying to start to get everything together and ready for the final submission on week 10th of the finished project and the project proposal form. I have been editing the shots of Abidish when he discovers that its not only the nut but everything around him that has such a richness and he starts writing on his orange diary. There is a lot of footage of all of these scenes so I’ve been very busy with the editing but I’m very happy with the end images and the contrast between the dark shots and the orange notebook, I personally love the last ones of writing whilst going up constitution hill. This video is an example of what I have edited so far, at the end there is a lot of selected footage to edit that I’m still working on so this is a very much work in progress:

This Monday I have also had my tutorial slot with Miranda, which has been very useful to ground my idea of what to do in the proposal form as well as to narrow down how I should close my film. The ideas for my hypothetical exhibition round around a focusing, immersing or grounding experience for those who pass by it, making them come out with a deeper relationship to the present moment and their surroundings. Artist suggested are: Marina Abramovich, Bill Viola, Mari cool and fabio balducci, Wolfang laib (pollen),…

In terms of editing I was advised to work on audio and image cuts and to fix the transitions. This are some notes of the tutorial:

In terms of the group workshop this week we had to present the artwork or artist that we had investigated building on last weeks chosen workshop proposal. The word that I had to research an artist of was “Relief” . Trying to get inspired as to what to research I was pretty lost as I was approaching the given word too literally but suddenly the work of Bill Viola came to my mind irrationally. This work that I discovered years ago, hadn’t crossed my eyes or my mind in ages, but thinking of relief directly took me back to the exhibition of him that I went to visit in Barcelona, specifically to “The reflecting pool”. This made me think of relief building on Miranda’s comment of me being a half-full sieve and needing to make space for new things. This work of a man jumping into a pool in a forest, which represents the baptism of the human into nature, seemed perfect for the task then, to transmit the idea of letting go and achieving relief in new beginnings. This was my powerpoint:

The group gave me very useful feedback which I will try to build up on in the future:

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  1. great to see the extra footage in the unedited film, I really like the striking image of the white scarf and orange paper, some beautiful shots by the sea, the tree and Abidish shots were less strong visually, less dynamic lighting, very curious film so far, what is it all about!? Seeing the Bill Viola film again was wonderful, such a shame you didn’t let it play or take us to the key moments, its hard to play long slow films in front of audiences, I really appreciated the film choice in relation to the concept ‘relief’ – it was indeed a huge relief when the suspended figure finally falls to the water, an amazing filmic moment that one never forgets.

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