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Week 8.

For this week i stated by pieceing together a powerpoint inwhich I researched an an artist relevant to the group work. As you can see my keyword based on the workshop was displacement, I used the word to find artist Jad El Khoury who i felt explored this theme in a different and intresting way.

Developing my project.

As you can see i had been developing my work from last week by creating moe bird sculptures from wallapaper. I have chosen a varitey of textures and colours as i wanted the birds to represnt diversity despite being a collective flock. I have yet to add all the details and textures as i am working on multiple at the same time to save time between waiting for the glue to dry.

Research- site and situation

I had emailed the art center about my project and my wish to use the ceramics gallery, however i will not be able to use the full area i had intended. so i am going to have to rethink my prject once again to looking at a new location/locations that i will have to use. I want to interact with the surrounding maybe i could simply expand and have to birds in several areas.

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