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Week 8


Tutorial Feedback. Quite scathing really. I simply haven’t done enough work, and had no work to show in my tutorial. It is a shame because it means that I won’t get a project as in depth as perhaps I could have wanted or achieved. I know I work better under pressure but I’ve probably get a bit more to do than I would have liked. This tutorial though, will perhaps be very valuable to me. Instead the time has been spent together discerning how I work and practice, looking at the strengths of previous projects and where the success lies with those as well as the failures. I know that process is very important to my motivation, something new to work on really does help me as well as being inspired by artists work. Which begs the question why have I done so few and so little !?

The intention is me to learn from this for future projects so that I can progress as an artist to someone who can consistently work on their projects through the luls of motivation. Hopefully this week will be better.


Tutorial 4

Monday 28th March

Have you followed up the research I suggested in the last tutorial?

No, no evidence of it

Have you followed up on the advice I suggested in the last tutorial?

Yes still pursuing the making of the bike as a performance, planning to prepare!

Are you up to date with your notebook?


Where are you at with the HOME project?

Aiming to give it a push this week and next, lots to do, practice and practice

We had a long conversation about the best periods of focus so far, we established that perhaps you work best when you are engaged in a technique, but what has been missing so far is a strong concept, so you need to marry concept and technique in a subsequent project. You maybe work best with limitations, and you maybe work best when you can do something easily each day, loosing focus and momentum is a very real problem but there are ways around it; one way is to let go of the big project plan and let yourself get lost in tinkering playfully with something each day, this will always get you just need to trust that, have faith in that. Look at Charly’s notebooks she is still playing in week 9, she has had no plan, but it is evolving richly and deeply incrementely until the last day..even if the last step is not a master piece she has had a brilliant time, and isn’t that what this is all about ultimately!?

To improve on the progress of your project I advise:

Realise everything you have done until now is rubbish!! Only then will you want to do better. Look up the research I suggest

Feedback for week 9:

Really go for it now..use all of the time you have now in these next weeks to make a great piece of art, with flaws! Flaws that will make you want to do it even better next time..wake up to your inner drive..

Charly’s Project

I was encouraged to look at Charly’s project in my tutorial. Charly is clearly excellent at documenting her process. what is impressive is the frequency of her work. She doesn’t know perhaps were it is going but she loves the process. Something so simple, dancing moving, exploring her face, movements are all building into a much bigger project.

In this light my intention is to do a blog insert everyday. Perhaps an audio recording of a bike use my tools, have tools available to make work, perhaps a page of artist research etc. I have to work consistently now towards my deadline.

Print-screen from Charly’s Notebook


Stuart McAdam

Stuart McAdam is a Scottish artist based in Dundee. “His work consists of site specific performances and interventions documented with photographs, drawings and found objects focusing on how we use the landscape, what we leave behind and how that contributes to our understanding of place.”

2019 To The Bears, The Arctic Agency, Tromsø, NO

I decided to look at his work follow a 41 day 3795km cycle from the Scottish Borders to Tomsø

Paul Veroude

Paul Veroude is a Dutch Visual Artist. Veroude is best known for his work with suspending and hanging automotive vehicles from the ceilings to create almost something similar to an exploded diagram.

It is fascinating to watch the piece develop on the artwise website there is a fascinating video of how the work was created from the drawings up until the metal suspension to attaching all of the parts of the car to the ceiling on fishing wire.

What is interesting is that the car is not completely exploded to the extent of bolts but a partial disassemble. It is fascinating and I can image it being incredibly interesting to walk around.

It is relatable to my project looking at machines and how we rely upon them. The engineering that goes into each piece and how it creates such a reliable machine. I really like this work, I will take some of these principles as I look at my own project.

Paul Veroude, VS2, 2010

Matthew Project Update

I am now helping out with Matthew’s group project to help him try and get it off the ground so that we can have a positive and developed project. I hope that it goes well. I have worked on a little help sheet so that we can all get into character and had a quick brainstorm of the timetable also. I am not 100% sure how this project is going to work but I think there will be at least some engagement and we can have. Below is the sheet I created for the project.

Won’t You Come In?

Help when creating your character sheet

Welcome to your new neighbourhood! Mint-da-Splece is a fictitious neighbourhood in which you are a fictitious character!

You have previously been displaced. You find yourself in a new neighbourhood.

Nobody lives here, this is a new place there are no homes, no houses, no neighbourhood.

Think about what your character’s past life might have been like? Their life does not need to conform to the rigors of society, you may be an alien from outer space, perhaps a figure from fiction, or the milkman…

Think about what your character might have been in their past life? What has brought you to this new neighbourhood? Maybe you’re running from something, maybe you just stumbled upon this place?

Your character does not need to be fully fleshed out; we will be having a brief session to develop your fictional character.

Consider an outfit for your character, what kind of clothes does your character wear? Are their items that represent you that you want to bring to help talk about your character?


-Create a fictional character

-Create and consider what your fictional character wears, come dressed in your characters outfit

-Come to the session ready to explore your character and bring them to life 

Brief look at the timetable in its current state unsure of a few of these things as I haven’t really had time to test many of these projects ideas. I am thinking for the session to run as smoothly as possible I will be a non participant and creating directions.

Session Won’t You Come In? – Matthew  
2:00pm (30min )Intro to session and Character Development Drawing Task – Name tag creationCreative art room
2:30pm (30min)Game Tasks (Mingling, Sun Shines on, two truths and a lie)Creative art room
3:00pm (45min)Building house and use plinth to create a baseCreative Art Room
3:45pm (15min)Comfort Break/Smoke BreakOutside
4:00pm (30min)Create Relationship in pairs 5min 1on1 chat roomsOutside ? Or Project Room ?
4:30 (30min)Garden Party Creative Art Room
5:00Tidy Up Session end

I currently still need to make an equipment list for the project, I am very unsure of how to run the section on housing. I will likely complete this using the plinths and on sheets of paper. I need to make some prompt cards for the project so that I have something to go on and to help me if I get stuck or lost etc.

Here’s hoping it will go well.


In general it was a bad day. My plan for getting up and going to the studio didn’t happen as I was ill most of the day and was not productive. However I had promised myself to work as much as possible this week so in small gaps of time I came up with some very simple but practical lists of all of the tools I will need to complete my performance and also how far I can reasonably strip my bike. Need to complete a test build.

Tools needed for bike build

  • Allen Keys Set
  • Cassette Tool
  • Chain whip
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Chain splitter
  • BB tool for Shimano threaded BB
  • Bike pump
  • Multitool
  • T25 tool
  • Torque wrench
  • Standard finish line grease
  • Needle Pliers
  • Valve core remover
  • Pick or dental pick
  • Rags(black)
  • Gloves (black)
  • Bike Stand
  • Table
  • Black cloth
  • Cable housing cutters
  • Chain lube
  • Electrical tape

Parts of bike

  • Frame leave headset cups in
  • Headset bearing top
  • Headset bearing bottom
  • Fork (leave star-nut in)
  • Stem
  • Stem spacers
  • Top cap and bolt with washer
  • Handlebars
  • Lever left
  • Lever right
  • Bottom bracket
  • Drive side crank
  • Non drive crank
  • Chainrings x2
  • Cassette
  • Brake caliper front
  • Brake caliper rear
  • Brake pads front
  • Brake pads rear
  • Brake inner x2
  • Brake outer x2
  • Gear inner x2
  • Gear outer x2
  • Handlebar wrap
  • Wheel Front
  • Wheel Rear
  • Rotors and bolts w/security clips
  • Rotors and bolts w/security clips
  • Tyre front
  • Tyre rear
  • Valves


Presenting Matthew’s project. At this point I have to be honest I am not sure if it is more my project or Matthew’s, naturally I want it to be his but I am aware by taking it over the project will change. I created a structure to help the project move forward and created games for us to play. I was concerned about how the project would unravel. In particular the last section as there was no structure really.

I created these additional sheets to help me :

Won’t You Come In?
Help when creating your character sheet
Welcome to your new neighbourhood! Mint-da-Splece is a fictitious neighbourhood in which
you are a fictitious character!

Won’t You Come In?
SESSION Help when creating your character – 30mins
Welcome to your new neighbourhood! Mint-da-Splece is a fictitious neighbourhood in which
you are a fictitious character!
-Create your name
-Draw your character
-What do you look like?
-What are your personalities? Are you aggressive, collective ?
-Has something happened in your past to make you feel this way ?
-Are you displaced because of something you have done ? Are you running from
-Did you voluntarily displace yourself?

Won’t You Come In?
Games – getting to know you session -30mins
Mingling/Walking Game
-Consider your walk, walk around the room in character, maybe your character has a
-Stop and chat to the person and introduce yourself, tell them your name
-One fact about yourself
-Why are you here?
-What species are you?
-Tells us about an item of your clothing
Move game into Commonalities (depending on how it is going)
-Find a two who have something in common with each
-Find a four where you all have something in common
-Hopefully find a group where you have something in common
Bean Bag Toss
-Tell us your name and one fact about you go in a circle
-Go around in the circle
Sun Shines on (maybe difficult as some people are playing fictional
-Group game in circle.
-One person say’s the sun shines on anyone who is
Two Truths and a Lie
-Group game in circle
-Each person takes it in turn to
-We could do this while people are making their houses/Neighbourhood ?

Won’t You Come In?
1-1 Session
-5mins – 10mins with each character then move on to another person
-Discuss who your character is with your friend
-Do you have anything in common with each other?
-Do you have a relationship, with this other character?
-Did you know each other before?
-Do you have any differences?
-Do you like each other’s houses?

Won’t You Come In?
Garden Party
-Everyone together no major prompts
-Have a chat try and be organic in your character

Myself and my character who wears all of their clothes inside out !


The project worked. I added in some additional sections into the project because I felt that specific areas needed more prompting as people were loosing interest in the project. I also added in some different games these didn’t always work.

I was really happy with my choice to add in a moments of silence and a little bit of feedback for the end of the session. It did feel like the project almost ran out of steam and after the break people had perhaps ran out of interest to stay in character. Getting back into character was tricky for most I felt.

I struggled to be in character as I was also leading so I stepped out of character often to help lead and guide the session.

I felt like even if we didn’t explore deeply our creative project theme of Home for me it was an excellent excercise in leading a group of adults in a project. I think it showed however the shortcommings of the planning as I felt like there were not too many surprises or additional insight that I gained from this excercise. I did feel mentally challenged however as a participant I did feel like there wasn’t heaps of additional development on the theme of Home. But perhaps from someone not leading it was different. It was certainly tricky for many including myself to get into character as it is not something I am wholly comfortable in doing.


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