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Week 7

15.11.2021 15:30 “Echoing”

16.11.2021 Blank Day

17.11.2021 15:24 “No beginning”

18.11.2021 Blank Day

19.11.2021 23:23 “Reach”

Entry 15: Research – David Shrigley

David Shrigley is a British visual artist. He is well known for his satirical drawings, and he seems to be a prolific artist.

Lockdown drawings, one of his newest projects is a series of drawings made during lockdown. The format they were made in and quick messages they convey makes them very charming and relatable.

I guess the basis of what I do is to try and avoid contrivance. It’s all an experiment, trying to get somewhere that you didn’t really know that you wanted to go. It’s quite a meditative process. It feels quite healthy emotionally, it’s somewhere where you can go, where I can go to escape from ‘reality’, such as it is right now.” – David Shrigley, 22 May 2020

20.11.2021 09:00 “Allen”

21.11.2021 Blank Day

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