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week 7- workshop

During this week’s workshop we had to pitch an idea for the groups project which had been inspired by Null Island and the sweet potato. Both element are really interesting if you think about them and offered me a great inspiration for many possible artistic projects.

What I found that both elements had in common was their sense of future but roots and past at the same time. This connexion between the two elements became metaphor for me about how we, as humanity are facing our future problems. It got me thinking about how we only rely and listen to young people when looking at climate change and how to solve it instead of including the older generations in the discussion. Listening to the elder ones about their own misses and solution seems crucial to me to not replicate the same mistakes in the future, but I realized that in order to involve them in the change we had to establish a communication bridge between the generations in order to be able to relate to each other and reduce the generational gap. In order to do that I found that art was the best tool, as it has a magical way of freeing us from expressive limits which helps us understand and relate with one and other. Coming up with the idea of doing a bonding mural in Aber, were everyone would be invited to discuss, talk, bond, listen, draw, write,… the issue of climate change, their concerns, hopes and ideas for changing solutions.

Presenting was a really enriching experience of how to deliver an idea and a group pitch as well as taking criticism for future improvement.

Powerpoint slides:

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