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week 7 workshop three

This week started with the Individual Tutorials – 30 minutes. It was helpful to talk and figure out a clear path to move forward. 

Pictures of I.P (2) tutorial

In person tutorial helped me to reduce the volume of work around the idea of HOME in my project. It was an important decision to match the time of my personal project and take over. Discussion around de-cluttering and simplifying the project was also extremely helpful. Now my focus will be on physical work.

Pitch and proposal (Group project)  

PowerPoint presentation :

My pitch was not successful, but I was happy with the overall process of delivering my proposal in front of my class in this second semester. The ideas from other class members were very interesting and high quality. 

Personally, I can feel progress in terms of talking in front of people with more confidence and speaking my mind in public more openly.  

Pictures of experimentation  

pictures of my previous work around the idea of body and tags.

in progress…

BA SHAPE conference taking place at Aston Student’s Union in Birmingham on April 28th

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