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week 7: Slow progress and lack of energy.

class work:

for week 7 we had to pitch a project for the group project in week 8, and then vote on the project we want to do that week. due to a bad migraine i wasnt able to attend the class, but i posted the powerpoint on last weeks notebook for the class to look through. thanks to Nidhi i was able to follow up on what some of the presentations were about, and read some of the notebooks to see what projects people were pitching. i then found out that Jennifers project was chosen.

we then had to pic a word from a chosen list relating to the chosen group project. i picked the word Burn. we then have to make a presentation for week 8 about an artist that works with that chosen word (in my case “burn”), and talk about one or more of their projects and how it relates to the group project.

for this presentation i am talking about Aron Demetz who is an italian sculpturer that burns his sculptures after they have been exhibited enough times.

i have also added the powerpoint for the presentation here for anyone to look at if you are interested in learning more about Aron Demetz.

personal project:

I have fully fallen inn to depression at this point and am really struggling to get much work done. due to someone ordering my microphone i also didnt get to record any audio, but i will have some audio recorded by next week as i have ordered the microphone back (meaning that i will get it in a weeks time. it is really frustrating to be this close to developing my projects fully, or as developed as is can be during these 10 weeks. this week (week 7) and week 8 i dont really get much progress done, but i am promising to get the project ready for exhibiting in late week 9 or early week 10 (Monday before submission).

me being absolute trash…

hey! at least im relating even more to the objects now! guess thats a bonus.

i really want this project to be completed in time, so i will try my very best to get everything done as fast as i can, whilst also letting myself rest and get some time off. i know i havent done anything productive during week 7, but i honestly think i needed it. having pushed myself to do so much during reading week and then having had the two presentations to work on have really drained me as my anxiety spikes every time i need to present, but i cant let that stop me from doing what i want to do, which is finish this project.

1 thought on “week 7: Slow progress and lack of energy.”

  1. Ahh Saad I have an audio recorder you can borrow, always ask! let me know if you want it? such a sad image of you in the bin but funny too, and hey you made a thing, an image, a piece of work through your feelings of unworthiness and discouragement, so well done! Lots of interesting things happening last week, beautifully playful and experimental, the projection, of the cosmos? projection is really interesting the way it distorts the seeing and reading of the object, the objects become material and something quite otherly, this really plays with perception and our understanding of the ordinary and the quotidian and what we think we know about an object, totally challenges our expectations. The hanging objects look great, perhaps a little less surprising than the projection and performance, could the performance and projection be combined with the hanging, the idea that you bring each object to life, orchestrate them, physically with the projector and your body, i.e. you can walk around with it and direct it at what you want and so the combination of your body, the projector, the objects and sounds might animate everything wonderfully, it was fascinating to watch you manipulate the object, again in an uncommon, unexpected way.

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