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Week 7- Sarah Gibson

Keep looking for the light in any situation.

Friday 18th November

This week we had our workshop proposal presentations. It was a nerve racking experience, mainly the buildup until presenting but also the presenting itself. I am a nervous person so standing in front of group of people was quite mentally exhausting. I do however think my presentation went well. I put a lot of time and thought into my potential workshop proposal and am happy with the reactions I got from the rest of the class.

Below is my presentation. I wrote out a script which I looked at every so often when I was presenting to prompt and remind me to give all the vital information I could about my proposal. I took up all the 10 minutes I was given for my presentation and I believe I got my idea across to everyone quite well.

Listening and seeing everyone else’s presentations was fabulous. There was some great and interesting ideas. I was very curious about Dee’s secret garden and would actually love to do her workshop if ever given the opportunity. I also really liked Oscar’s, I think he did a great job at presenting his idea and put a lot of time into it.

Congrats to Jennifer and her proposal. I am looking forward to her workshop in the coming weeks. I think the concept of the worry doll really is for everyone as we all have big or small worries floating about our heads. I hope the workshop will help free us of some of our worries and that once we have the doll presented in the SU that it may help other students too.


This week I again met up with the wonderful Mike to get some more filming in. At first we didn’t think we were going to be very successful as it was such a cold and windy day but we were far from right. We got some beautiful shots and a good few reactions as well as another 2 hugs.

Above is a bunch of screen grabs from the videos.

For the videos below you might have to adjust the quality of the videos as on my screen they aren’t coming up so great.

The seafront wasn’t so busy since the wind was incredibly strong. We settled on me walking up and down the street over and over again to see if we could get any reactions. Mike sat on a bench filming me from afar to see if that might help us to get more reactions.

The loveliest man came up and hugged me. I believe he must have been watching me for a while as he hugged me when I was walking towards him. When he went to turn away he said to me that if I ever felt lonely and needed a hug again, just come into Boots. This was just such a lovely and heart warming reaction, you can see the big smile it left on my face.

As you can see from my reaction I really wasn’t expecting to receive a hug from anyone, nor did I even realise Mike was filming. I was speaking to Mike saying that it was lunch time so thats why no one is about town; oblivious to the fact that a woman was approaching me from behind to hug me.

The lady who gave me a hug came back about several minutes later to ask me what I was doing. She seemed very intrigued at my project and was surprised I wasn’t getting more hugs.

Aside from all the reaction clips, Mike took a good few filler clips that we can add into the video to help break it up and make it flow a lot nicer.

I haven’t included all the footage we got as there is a lot. I hope to meet with Mike next week to piece together and edit my video. I looking forward to seeing what we can produce as we have a good amount of footage to make a 2-3 minute video.

Once again I want to thank Mike for taking time out of his busy schedule to become my cameraman.

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  1. ah how wonderful is this! Gosh its so moving to see those people hug you! and yes your face says it all.. brilliant that Mike is working with you, a very smart move to employ his skills, really lifts the project. But don’t forget that long single shot of you in front of the sea and the window also worked and had such a resonance, so maybe you can combine this shot with more active shots. I think have a really good look at Francis Alys and how he moves in his performances in the street, he moves very slowly, rambling, aimless but focussed, a flaneur, easy, relaxed, the street is his home. The question is are you engaging, relational or are you self contained? Looking forward to seeing the final edit, brave bold work for someone who identifies as ‘shy’!

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