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Week 7 – Results


Today managed to go to plan within my lessons in the PW building, I captured enough to finish my book today, although I may get more this week, depends on the timings. I am happy with the results. These are the images in full and every single one:

Just packed in the photos from today into the book, inDesign is now struggling to keep up there Is so many pixels within the panel! It will be hard to add more without some serious lag. As seen below, I now have 60 full pages of photos, whether they are single multiples. The pages with one photo on are the ones I find deserving of a full spot.

The next stage is now deciding on a front cover and an ending page, if its needed.


Today we pitched our group project concepts, unfortunately only two people turned up to the session so our group pitches weren’t as effective. We then took a vote and ended up on my project idea for the clay village. Below is my powerpoint:

Presentation went really well. I chose to not use a script this time, ended around 7:30minutes before answering questions. I also managed to stop my movement during my presentation too (used to move my legs a lot due to nerves) which is really good. I

I should of used timings for my project in the presentation too for more cohesion but everyone understood the idea and was on board.

Below are my notes I wrote as queue cards for each slide as a focus instead of a script.


I managed to get my potentially definitive final images for the book. Here are the ones from during the day when I caught Chris whilst I was shopping for art supplies:

During the day I met with Sarah to continue shooting her film, was again a success!: These are some screen grabs of the footage

I then took some of the SOA at 5pm to 6pm:


In total there are 68 pages over 35 spreads, which is great and exceeded my target. I will end the project on this point as I have now decided on the front cover and an ending. It’s a good place to end it as I need to get onto the final stage which is printing.

I have emailed WIXAM to see about how to print my book properly as, to be honest, it looks daunting and I haven’t a clue where to start. I will wait on their reply by end of today, if It a case of me going forward myself to print the book I will start it tonight as it will take a week to print and deliver. This will give enough time by week 9 which is the deadline I gave myself.


I have processed the print of the book on WIXAM and it is going to be delivered by Tuesday 29th of November, 2 copies have been ordered. Its good that I ordered it by this date as I wish to present the product in the proposal to the class in week 10 etc.

Happy Times!

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