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Week 7 – Progression / Pitch

Further editing continues, some real progress is being made now life is back to normal again. Transitioning and planning out of the shots is working through the journey of stream as it goes along.

This week I will be venturing out again to film the footage for the hopeful but interlinking streams from the mountain to the sea and then ending with the sea itself. The musical track will continue to strengthen the film also.

Further editing / Transition between clips

Today I went down to another filming location – to grab some other footage for the in-betweens and further connections between each river. Was a good experience in terms of what can and cannot happen on the day, for instance we had to wait for the water to go down on the riverbed to properly get in on the shore to film.

Walking To Film Location

Action Shot



This week I also pitched to the group what my project was when it came to the idea of null island and the sweet potato. My idea is to create a film set within the realms of null island with the sweet potato being the biggest form of commodity and has become an ideology. This film would be directed and shot by myself and making sure everyone is involved and enjoying themselves.

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