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week 7- poems of the week

Poems and drafts of the week:

18th of November:


Final poem:

20th of November: The heart is a fossil fuel 


Final poem:

21st of November:


Final poem:

Poems of the week:

15th of November of 2021: November – Maggie Dietz

16th of November of 2021: Nail – Geet Chaturvedi

17th of November of 2021: Grace Note – Floyd Skloot

18th of November of 2021: My language, my future– Geet Chaturvedi

19th of November of 2021: Ode to Scars – Thomas Lux

20th of November of 2021: The world has need of you – Ellen Bass

21st of November of 2021: Mimesis – Fady Joudah

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