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Week 7 – Pitch / Enthusiasm


Today we held a digest for the takeover event and made me become very interested, so interested to the point where I have volunteered to take part in photographing the event. The project proposals for the group workshop were also held today too; my proposal was based on displaced audio, which sadly didn’t win. But I do believe the other projects were actually more suitable for the theme given. In retrospect my presentation wasn’t hugely focused and might not of been the easiest to understand, compared to the last presentation which was very on point.


Revived an email from Miranda about the Tonnau Short Film Fest in Aberystwyth. I have submitted my previous project ‘The Journey of Rainfall’ short film to the festival, I am currently awaiting the result.

Poster for the film


Major progress on the completion of scene 1, around a 4th of the film is done, a 3rd depending on the length of the film in general. The last shots integrate very very well in terms of lighting and scene dressing.

Scene 1:

(Time Lapsed)
7 fps
(Frames per second)
334 Frames
(Photos taken)


Away for the weekend, so no studio work. Will resume on Monday midday.

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