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Week 7- Our confessions don’t own us.

Research and project

In this week we had to prepose a group project related to the cooking themed workshop. I decided to focus on the idea of comunity art and asking the questions of what makes art, art? I also wanted to have a relationship between my own project and this investigation. To do so I explored the work of Candy Chang, in inparticular her confessions project, I’ve attached the short slides down below. Unfortunately and most certainly ironically I must confess that I over slept and missed the presentation workshop, something Im greatly frustrated about however I really love Mikes project suggestion and I think our class will make the most of this opportunity.

My paintings this week really reflected how my brain has been functioning, that being not very good. All jokes aside its been a very stressful week as Ive between birthdays, writing essays and visiting the doctors. I think I certainly had a mid week dip in which I used more expressive textures and writing, though the paitings are nothin brilliant I still feel pride in my commitment and willingness to share them with you. I think that’s why ive called this week ‘our confessions don’t own us’ because though my paintings I am confessing my imperfections as both an artists and a student. However, this confession isn’t new information nor is it all that I am as a person.

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