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week 7 – matthew hulse

grayscale photo of group of people inside stadium
– dancing ghosts –

Finally, I’ve managed to go out and find some ghosts having a good time. Admittedly I did find it hard to keep my phone still while everybody else was dancing, but I did get some really good shots.

Although the colours are very interesting and could advocate for emotions, these following edits are absolutely haunting…

These have turned out so well!! Some are better than others obviously, maybe there’s room for some more tweaking but I think these are up there along with the black and white pics from the church.

Since I’ve previously done coloured pictures I wanted to see what them would look like with the appropriate editing…

In this case I think both variants are great. I think it’s the warm yellow colouring that gives them a subtle sepia-esque look to them.

– group workshop proposal –

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to attend the class to present in-person because of an injury, so I uploaded my presentation with a voiceover. It made it up to 13 slides, which is around the number I believed it was going to take me to explain the entire workshop. I’m very sad that mine couldn’t have been voted on, but it’s alright. Stuff happens that you can never plan for.

– more ideas for the TAKEOVER –

I was talking with a few of the other students about my project and one of them suggested that perhaps I can set up a projector or two in a dark room. I’m not quite sure how I’d make it fit my vision for the exhibition, but it is an interesting avenue to explore. I’m not sure what rooms are available anymore, so I would need to look into that.

Since I’m part of the design team now for the TAKEOVER, I’ve been thinking of what sort of design we should go for. Obviously there are many avenues with ‘time,’ but I think the most important thing is that the logo needs to be clear and legible, and most importantly easy to use on all the physical and digital publications. For now I’m experimenting with some ideas on Illustrator, but I’m not ready to show them just yet.

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