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Week 7 ~ Katy Nelson


Pecha Kucha Presentation

Planning my Final Composition

Photographic Inspiration:
Thumbnailing and Sketching Ideas:


Oil on canvas, 1851-1852, Sir John Everett Millais, b. 1829- d. 1896, 762 x 1118mm,

Tate Gallery, London

Hamlet, William Shakespeare, Act IV, scene vii


Oil on canvas, 1900, Friedrich Wilhelm Theodor Heyser, b.1857- d.1921, 90.5 x 181.5cm,

Tattoo Practice

1 thought on “Week 7 ~ Katy Nelson”

  1. Katy, great to see your tattoo design and artwork come together nicely. You’re engaged with in lots of experimentation and reflection. Good work. I think the final design now needs some work, can you develop it in detail? Are you still planning on producing a large tattoo and a shrine of some kind? I wonder if this week you focus on finalising the final output of your project and a clear timeline so you know what you’re doing up til week 10. Keep up with the research. Be sure to cite your sources and discuss the work of others, explaining how they relate to and inform your own project. My main questions are around how are you planning to display and document the final work? Make sure you leave time to read through and start filling in the takeover form this week and are familiar with assessment details. We’ll go through this in class tomorrow too. Great work on keeping the notebooks up to date, and reflecting on what we get up to in class. Be sure that you cover research / reflection and experimentation in your posts. Leave time to evaluate and reflect on your own practice, what’s working well, what could be improved? Lastly, spend some time clearly articulating the links between your personal project and the theme. Keep up the good work! Caitlin

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