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Week 7- Enlarging the project


During this week I proposed and pitch my idea for the workshop. My aim was to do a writing workshop, where everyone would write short stories to visualize what they wanted for themselves in the future and then share our stories with each other and empower each other.

I decided to use my own personal project in the group workshop, as I think that it has potential and I wanted to give the group the space to challenge their own minds and hopes, as well as empower them to be the ones writing their own story.

While brainstorming about the workshop and its structure, I realized that this project, unlike the one I did last semester, has great communicative potential outside of myself. That’s why, when realizing how well it suited the whole group, it also made me think of adapting it to a greater group: society as a whole.

This was a turning point for the development of my project because suddenly it changed my perception of it, now it is for me a life-long project that I’m gonna create an Instagram or other social media account to keep expanding the project, with whoever I meet and wherever I go. As well as creating an interactive platform where people can join the project and the project can reach a wider communicative span.

Therefore it made me start to rethink the nature of my project and its aims, as well as my way of presenting it in the Take Over exhibition.

On the other hand, I also received some criticism about the name I had chosen for the project “Language against the unknown” and was advised to change it.

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