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week 7

After the reading week the task was preparing a pitch for the group project and presenting in front of other class members. 

My idea for this year’s group project was based/inspired on sweet potato, Null Island and recyclable brown bag. I wanted to take my class fellows on a journey which involves imagining travel without the existence of time (inspiration from Null Island) where they can see and observe time as a construct (A different perspective, a perspective of a sweet potato). Creating very less waste (Being considered of the environment) as a result of making this project will include recyclable brown bag, sweet potato as wrist whatches. 

My presentation PowerPoint slides 

So, we can understand and maybe construct our own ideas about time. It will be an in-depth conceptual exercise, recorded with cameras while we’re making this hypothetical journey in the room. 

A projector will be attached to the ceiling projecting imagery of space travel for feeling and aesthetic purposes. 

Night-time astrophotography in Aber 

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