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Week 7

Group workshop idea

During this week’s workshops, everybody presented a group workshop idea. My idea was mostly concentrated on null island and what if we had a chance to create it from the beginning. But it wasn’t a project that we chose. The project that we will be doing on week 9 is related to cutting letters in sweet potatoes and making random and new words, then we will play with drawing, painting and expressing ourselves in different directions. 

During the presentations on this workshop, I was amazed by the variety of ideas. All workshops sounded fascinating. And I felt like mine idea was quite basic and boring in comparing to others. But sometimes you have good ideas sometimes you don’t… 

Next week we have to research one artist and some project that relates to the concept and to the workshop. My concept is “illogical”. I’m quite excited to research this because I really enjoy illogical art, something surrealistic, something that isn’t clear. 


During this week I did more photos around Aber. I was focused more on people as it was mine first idea. I did a lot of photos, so here are the ones that I like the most…

I think some of them have quite a potential. I’m happier about them more than I was before, I think that I start to get somewhere with my project. I can see different stories in people around me… different journeys. 

Another idea that came to me was to track my journeys around Aber. Journeys that I made during taking these photos. So I used some fitness app to track my walks and I think the tracks that I made have some potential… I could change this maps into drawing or some installation. I think if I did something with them, they could add something more personal into my project because after all that’s what these maps are, that’s my journey for making these photos. 

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