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Week 7

Experiementing .

This week I have been developing my installation ideas. Firstly i wanted to have a practice with my first idea, having the book solo under a spotlight. With the light i had available light i had i managed to experiment with warm and cool lighting, the brightness and hight. Ive come to this conclusion that prefer a dimmer warm light from a higher point. The book needs something to display it easier on with a weight maybe to keep it open. If i was to go with thhis idea i need a darker room, the light coming through in other places is ruining the effect, maybe i should look into other locations.

Alternatively my busy environment i have taken photographs of the project room and began sketching out a plan. This would be a piece in itself where i make a montage to who i am as a person using objects from my home and some bigger drawings of key memories.

This is a compariosn of what i could do with the back left space, im think of using a wall hanging to cover the corner however i understand this might go against health and safety. I am also considering adding a bed of some sorts to really amplify my personality into the space.
The right side of the room, i want to make the door be part of the piece, its a nice structural point in the room. Either i use writing, photos or drawings to create an interesting focus point. i also want to think more about how i would want to display important items, i believe using the boxes which are decorated would be a nice idea. There is lots of big open wall space so i wish to make use of this with some bigger drawings of key memories.
i want there to be different structual pieces in the room, adding a table i feel would help this. I could use a desk that is around or maybe my own desk from the painting studio, this would reflect my messy personality. One issue i am already facing is my love of lights, i have a colourful prjector lamp thqt i use all the time, i feel like it would add to the piece but there arent many sockets around the room.

Developing on the group project .

For the group project, i explored the theme “abstraction of language” in which my main focus was dyslexia. You can see my PowerPoint below. Furthermore, I want to see this as a development on my own project, I’m telling stories through imagery and my memory instead of words, I also will experiment more with reflecting my identity in my work.

Sketchbook diary.

I have continued adding to my memory book, i can tell i have been struggling more with my memory this week possibly due to stress and feeling very busy recently.

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