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During this week I’ve continued with the recording and editing of the film. I was able to edit almost all the shots recorded from the week before. I’m only having trouble with one shot because I’m still unsure of how to edit it, I’m thinking of how overlaying many videos at once but I’m having a bit of troubles in terms of editing. Apart from this scene that I’m figuring out I’m very happy with the whole edit. Of course this is the first editing round so I will keep fixing little details but by now I’m focusing on getting a major idea of the result. This is how much editing I’ve done this far:

On the other hand, I also continued recording with Abidish, to continue adding footage. I was supposed to record all the outdoor shots during this session but I found some inconveniences, like that Abidish didn’t have a beard at the moment and we had to let it grow for some of the scenes, or the complication of the weather that it did through the week.

I was still very happy with the outcome of the recording. It was a very intense session as it was really cold and raining and we were freezing through out but we still managed to create quite a lot of footage and push through the difficult weather.

I was very happy to find an orange notebook for the recording as it is a very important object in the film and I can see a great potential for the combination of it and the orange blinds of the room to work together and generating a very strong visual identity of the film.

Abidish and I seeking refuge in a charity shop after rain recording

In terms of the group workshop this week we all presented our workshop proposals. My proposal idea was “Recycling our thoughts”, a workshop based on realizing our own power to reinvent ourselves and the meaning that we give to the reality around us. To get this idea of flexibility of our reality across, I planned a workshop based on all making prints with our bodies with charcoal on a big sheet of paper and then reimagining them and using the ephemeral nature of charcoal to rearrange those shapes into completely different things that what they were originally set to be. At the end of this workshop we would all take a step back from the bodily existence in which the workshop is carried, in order to have a bit of a group mindful reflexion about the applications of these concepts in our lives, as well as to laugh at the absurdity of results. This was my PowerPoint:

At the end we all voted and decided to choose Jennifer’s workshop idea. I also chose the word “Relief” for my artist research this week and to present it to the group on Friday.

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  1. this is very exciting Sofia, I really enjoyed watching the film, beautifully lit, composed and edited, witty and tense in equal measure and very intriguing, what is going on? loved it, well done. I just have two comments about the editing – where the light changes on the table between one edit and another how about using a fade in and fade out transition or overlay so the contrast isn’t so apparent, there would be nothing wrong with revealing time passing, it would add to the narrative I think, and secondly there is a shot of Addish looking in the camera at the end, where we just see the top of his head, before he closes the curtains, this shot felt unnecessary, weak. I kind of wish the table was not chip board with screws in it, but other than those three points its very good! oh and your voice instructing Abidish – I assume that is coming out? or not maybe? looking forward to seeing the next sections…

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