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Week 7

Interdisciplinary 5

Rush Hour

With my project having some aspects of liminality and a definite lo-fi influence, it would be best to explain what Liminality and lo-fi means overall.

What is best to mention is that when I refer to liminality, I am referring to the liminal space translation.

  • The place a person is in during a transitional period 
  • A gap in time, either physical or emotional.
  • Metaphorical. This could be a decision the person makes.

  • The production or re-production of music or audio which has the characteristics of bad or altered sound quality. 

I feel that my presentation went well, especially considering I carved it together the morning of the day. But I did account for how much wording would suffice the timed slides – I was actually very happy with the result. I would try to leave room to breath more next time but I was exhausted during this lesson due to the morning and lack of sleep – self inflicted though.

Also here are my photos from a test shoot of developing. This means I can successfully carry on developing in the SOA. So the next rolls will be ready next week for digitising.

I am writing this from the WordPress app at home – meaning my format isn’t up to its usual standard (colour background etc).

Also this weekend I am taking photos in other locations outside of Aberystwyth, to make more variation towards the film. So there won’t be any substantial work updated until Sunday night. This is worth mentioning as even though these get looked at each Friday, I do a lot of my photography on the weekend as I have access to a car.

Saturday – I shall be taking photos outside of Aberystwyth and taking photos of the space I will be pitching for in the hypothetical, in the arts centre.

As I still have no mac at home, I can’t continue my film production yet. But my Mac will arrive by the 23rd which will be this time next week. So I would say expect a near complete timeline of the film by the time of next weeks diary update (Thursday 23rd). This was an unexpected timeframe but when you custom configure, you have to wait for an overseas delivery from china.

So by the end of week 8, I will be ready to put the film into the project room in time for my proposal from to be completed.


So I decided to start some of the other sounds I was going to approach to go inside the film to make more distorted reality or the unknown ambience side to the final film – here are the results:

If you play them all at the same time or following each other, you’ll see what I mean. These sounds may make it into the final film, will have to see what I can work from.

When covid started, new forms of art mediums and new ways of thinking had developed. Though these developments a new type of medium was created throughout the online photography community. This new medium was a genre of photography called ‘Liminal Spaces’. These photos would consist of empty spaces, abandoned spaces, dark hallways and more. These spaces would echo a foreboding sense of timelessness and eeriness which now has resonated into today’s world, especially with the rise of online shopping.

These spaces can also invoke the following feelings within the space, and these are also examples of the ‘perfect’ liminal space:

A transition space, e.g. a hallway or pathway.
The sense of uneasiness or eeriness
The feeling of Awe and Wonder
A nostalgic presence or feeling. This is strong with places from the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

(Lazin-Ryder, 2023)

(Bryan Wan/Shutterstock)


Lazin-Ryder, M. (2023, August 21). ‘Liminal space’ photography captures the eerieness and isolation of pandemic life. Retrieved from

Some experimentation with angles and false perspectives:

2 thoughts on “Week 7”

  1. Hi Mike, excellent posting, well done! You’re showing research, reflection and experimentation in depth, so this is really good. Your documentation of practice and process is very good, and I can see the project progressing. To develop, include a brief discussing / comment on your definitions of liminality. Why is it of interest, what do different people say about it, why is liminality significant as an idea and aesthetic? Generally, when setting up definitions, avoid using dictionaries, instead reference credible academic texts. Great to hear your Mac has arrived. Your photos are great, I really like the false perspective ones. What are you exploring through and with these photos? Can you elaborate a little what you’re intentions are behind your different frames and shots? As you only have two weeks left now, leave some time to plan how you will exhibit and document the final work. Further, leave time to reflect on how you plan to use the remaining time. Your reflection on class is good – keep this up, these should be in all your weekly posts. As you know the focus now is on making and preparing the presentations. Leave time to go through and start drafting the Takeover form and make sure you understand what to hand in. I’ll go through this in class tomorrow.

    1. Thanks! I looked over my posts and I have reflected on each class in each post I think? I don’t know if that was what you were saying or not but I definitely have covered each class.

      This week I will be finishing the film I reckon. Thanks!

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