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This session I presented a workshop on megastructures I was inspired by the work of Rachel Whiteread

Rachel Whiteread is a British artist known for her sculptors and installation art. Her work explores the ‘negative space’ by making casts in and of domestic objects. Furniture has been something that interested her such as chairs, stools, beds moving to rooms and buildings in her later stages of work. She describes her work by saying “the casts carry the residue of years and years of use”. Her sculptors focus on the form and line formations of the object.

Her work ‘Embankment’ was one of her most recent projects showcase in London, the whole style of installation attracted me and inspired me to take this project further with time. Her inspiration had come from a trip to the Artic and the iced locations relating and inspiring colour the polyethylene. Her installation looks like massive icebergs or towers, just by observing images of her work gives me a cool sensation.

Nameless library was another project was a form of memorial After the holocaust – represents the untold stories of the lives lost. The structure appears to be an inside out library ‘These books have also been seen as referring to the Nazi book burnings. The sculpture also does not include corners or bookshelves which further symbolizes the lack of structure and support.’

She creates an experience for her audience.
Her work to me seems simple but very intricate, she has inspired to carry on with my project and maybe extend it with my audience to create art. Her work is a statement to make her audience think.

Presenting today in class was interesting but my back ache still comes in the way of my delivery I feel.

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