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During this week I have been very sick so I have been most of my time in bed recovering. For this reason I have been unable to attend most of my lectures and haven’t therefore been able to make it to this weeks IP workshop proposal.

During this week we were also asked to submit our first proposal form in order to state the basis of our project and chose our location in the takeover.

When it comes to my project I have been able to edit some scenes as it didn’t take much movement. I have continued with the editing of the falling scenes and trying many different ways to compose them. Trying different order, velocity, filter compositions and thinking of some potential new falling scenes to record.

During this week I have also posted a story asking for people to collaborate with me creating the music of the movie. I was happy to see all the replies and a good practice in directing trying to make everyone understand what I envision and how to get there:

Finally I have decided to go with the friend of a friend who composes music himself and already has some records to listen to in Spotify. I have instructed him on what I want and made him aware of the tight deadlines before the takeover so he is on the process of composing some motifs for the film at the moment:

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