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Week seven – Keeping on.

This week began with the presentations, in reflection I think I misunderstood the nature of a Pecha Kucha by including text but, I think this was one of my better presentations. I spoke clearly and interacted with the audience, I defiantly think that question cards do not work for me, I’m much better when I can see what It is I’m presenting clearly without multiple distractions. My workshop idea came second, which I’m actually fairly surprised about as I assume most people in the module don’t like to paint. However, we will be making a clock out of cardboard as a group! I think this could be really fun but definitely a challenge, i can see that many practical issues could stand in the way.


For my experiments this week I wanted to revise my canvas’s from earlier in the semester. My goal was to make some improvements or to a least make them seems more coherent to the rest of the work. It’s important to note that I set myself a time limit for this reworking session, to be consistent in my practice and to stop me from overworking them.

I gave myself 10 minutes to paint the plant and I feel it really improved the piece over all. This experiment has changed my mind slightly about my process, instead of starting from a ‘clean slate’ everytime, I should be developing the canvases further. Obviously I will continue to use my time challenge technique, but in a way which assists the development of eclecticism in the painting. I also started a new canvas this week with another time trial of my shoe.


In many ways I’m shocked that it’s already the end of week 7, I think it’s an essential time for me to do some wider reflection on my project. How does my research tie together so far? Well I began looking at feminist literature and thinking about my own feminine rage..Now I’m looking at the experience of painting again. I think that though there isn’t a clear connection in all my research, the link is me. To explain this further, it is my experiences a a person which have formed a connection with paint. The experience I have painting could be seen as a form of therapy as I struggle to articulate my emotions and express myself even in my own work. The use of time experiments certainly helps bring everything together to create a more coherent picture however, the objects themselves that I’ve chosen is an attempt to express my identity. For example, the use of plants is important to me as I love to be surrounded by greenery (possibly because of my nan) and another example being the jellycats (soft toys) I own being a way of trying to comfort my inner child.

Moving forwards I also need to reflect on my current goals for the semester. Firstly I have continued my reading and developing my vocabulary further by doing so, though Ive been lacking the last current weeks due to time. Secondly I wanted to explore status with my work, I certainly have been doing this by switching between canvas and paper, to do this further I should continuing thinking about the the takeover and what my physic project will be. Finally my last goal was to be more honest and vulnerable, I think I have been honest but I should push myself more. I have some larger problems in my life currently that I’m struggling to get to grips with, yet I don’t talk about them. Maybe I should curate a list of possible object that reflect my history?

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