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Week 7


I finally developed photos from previous weeks when I started to feel better at the end of the week. Here they are
This is from the topic of home.

This is from the topic of family.

There is something wrong with this film roll, it looks like it was partially exposed to light, I wasn’t sure what it is but then I thought it may be from the airport. During security control, they scanned my camera and also the film roll that was inside and I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. I like these photos so I’m quite annoyed about it but there isn’t much I can do about it now.

And here are photos from this week on the topic of interiors.

Of course, some of the photos were overexposed or underexposed, and basically didn’t come out at all. At this point, I’m so annoyed with this camera but I can’t change much now. Some photos are alright so I should be fine.
I kind of don’t care so much about the photos anymore because I feel like they aren’t the main concept for this project. This isn’t a photography project, it became something different. It’s about narrative, editing, curating, descriptions, thoughts, and the process of creating and capturing the moment. And I think it’s exciting how over time it became this

Now I’m starting to think more about how to install it. I want my photo descriptions to be each on a separate piece of paper, handwritten by me. Each piece of paper will be attached to a string hanging from the ceiling. I think I will just use white thread to hang them because it’s nearly invisible and it will create a floating, light feeling. I was thinking of also attaching the chosen photos to the strings and making them smaller than I was planning to, and hiding them between the descriptions. I’m also still thinking about the projection- I could either project all of the photos or only the chosen photos again, which would make the rest of the photos a part of my imagination, blank, and only visible through descriptions (I like this idea). These are my main thoughts about that installation but I don’t think I can plan everything perfectly now. I will bring all of the materials to the project room and try them out.

“Shoot- Photography of the Moment”

During this week I also went to the library to look at some photography inspiration and references for my project. I found this book “Shoot- Photography of the Moment”, which very nicely fits the type of photography I’m doing and it works nicely with the topic of every day. This book collects works by young photographers who focus on capturing a moment rather than staged setups, offering insight into how they represent a growing movement that embodies authentic and aesthetic imagery. There is a range of interesting photographers that are focusing on a moment as photographic material. The photos are the result of a chance or accident. They aren’t perfect. They are real, with flows as we are. While you’re making photos a lot is going through your head, like structure, composition and content that is created. During this project I let myself just photograph the moment, walking around the town without an idea in my head. I was doing my regular things and I let the inspiration find me.


Here is a presentation of my workshop idea that I, unfortunately, couldn’t present because I was ill during that week.

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