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Metamorphize, Change, Morph 

The Text Definition 

Ovid – 


“We’re becoming something else” – Damon Albarn 

10 Minute 

Metamorphosis, Kafka

Berkoff’s Production 

The Opera 

We need:

Poster Paint/Acrylic Painting 

Primary Colours 

Yesterday was walking 

Do a little foreshadowing, this Gmail file. 



  • I feel I have artistic arrogance 
  • Can’t make up their mind, won’t narrow down
  • Gets such lovely rushes of ideas, energy and creativity, but if you can’t melt it down to marketable, pitches, proposals – you won’t last in this industry my friend
  • What will calm this little artist down. Will it be Tyrosin, Gaga, should have stucked to Ritalin
  • He’ll defy the authorities 

Listening to charmless man by blur:

He says he’s artistically suppressed

Walking around PW & SoA

Like he owns the place 

He should have chosen 

He can’t make his mind 

Or make the time 

For tutorials or healthy work practices 

He better choose and narrow down


He’ll be put in

He’s a Drama student but in a box of paint 

His canvas is the widest he claims

Maybe he fools himself 

more with the guitar:


3rd fret A-String,  upper strings

4th fret D-String, but only the four lower strings 

  • Or actually maybe it doesn’t work. Maybe a-string #3 on its own and then together with d-string #4, and then keep switching

After that quite emotional one, something suspenseful, just touching between those two frets without any strings 


Between the 13th &

14th D-String

And then maybe also 1st and 2nd, quite haunting 

I feel this turning into how I very basically play piano a lot of the time.

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