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Week 7

Tutorial feedback was incredibly helpful, I feel like my project makes a lot of sense now and I really am starting to think about the idea of having my work as a performance based piece really strong and important.


Tutorial 3

Monday 14th March

Have you followed up the research I suggested in the last tutorial?


This week look at Stuart Mc.adam

Paul Veroude – Jean Tinguely Kinetic art – Bruce Gilchrist –

Have you followed up on the advice I suggested in the last tutorial?

Do all and any recordings – yes

Document the recording process – no or didn’t show me anything

Obviously ask for permission where and when needed – yes

Get into audio software – audacity and start playing with the recordings – no or didn’t say you had

Keep the AC in mind as you work, so it is integral to the development of the project and not an after thought

Talk to Tim?

Are you up to date with your notebook?


Where are you at with the HOME project?

Had several recordings – self analysis with which I agreed:

No direction

No crescendo or ending or narrative curve

Too long

Quality not great

Tried using 2 recorders

Lacking variation

Not easily relatable to home

So we discussed:

Having different audio recordings of different areas of the bike – then maybe using different speakers attached to those areas of the bike

Having a bike, your black bike in a fixed position on a stand

On black plinth or hung up, we have 5 black plinths available

We discussed it having a level of theatricality

We discussed it as a live performance – on stage or in a public thoroughfare

We discussed it being a 3 hour performance

Start with it stripped ending with it made

Then ride off!

Bags and all equipment for a bike ride, tour in place, around the bike, packed with precision

Dress in black, black gloves, black stand, black bike

Foyer outside great hall or theatre or downstairs foyer

H&S issues to be approved

An authentic experience and performance

We discussed you having an assistant

Light weight white table with black cloth – ironed! – over it

You left energized…with clarity!

Feedback for week 7:

Speed up, really push the project these next 3 weeks, 16 + hours a week on this project so that you can volunteer for the TAKEOVER and tweak the work and not be in a panic and rushed state at the end

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